Are you a WordPress geek, web developer, or social media junkie AND a skilled writer? I’m looking for word nerds just like you to join my team.

Hey, I’m Rae and I fun Words By Birds is a digital writing agency that helps startups, SaaS, B2B, and WordPress businesses turn tech speak into compelling words that engage, inform, and convert. Basically, I create content that people love to read and Google loves to rank.

The thing is, it’s getting busy. Like, really busy. More and more clients need amazing words, stat, and I can’t keep up. Talented writers who can quickly understand new technologies and have a knack for writing about them are hard to come by. That’s where you come in.

What kind of job is this?

It's a writing gig (who would've guessed?). Specifically, a blog post writing gig.

You’ll be writing high-quality, well-researched blog posts about WordPress, web development, and eCommerce. We’re talkin’ 1500-2500 word pieces.

You know WordPress like the back of your hand because you've been using it for years.

You’re comfortable with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. Or you love social media and content marketing. (I’m looking for writers who can do either or both.)

Best of all, you LOVE to write. If you’re an experienced writer, that’s great! I’m looking to work with people who don’t need a lot of editing.

But if you’re passionate about the web and willing to learn fast, I’m here to mentor you, share my writing formulas, and help you become a better and more valuable writer.

Does this sound like you? Yes? Awesome. Read on.

You’ll want this gig because:

  • It’s a regular, long-term gig if you’re good. Like, really good.
  • You’ll have the freedom to work your own hours.
  • I pay on time, every time.
  • You can work remotely, anywhere in the world.

You need to:

  • Be a native English speaker and writer.
  • Meet deadlines.
  • Have a PayPal account so I can pay you.
  • Be able to write 2-4 articles a month.

As far as your writing goes, I’m looking for competent writers who know how to:

  • Write with loads of personality.
  • Research like a boss.
  • Proofread your own work.
  • Make every word count.

I’ll provide detailed briefs for each article you write, while also leaving plenty of room for your own input and creativity. No need to pitch ideas, that’s all taken care of!

You must be willing to make changes based on editorial feedback.

I’m not joking about research. Your posts must be able to put together quality content that is accurate, up-to-date, information-rich, and offers value to the reader. It must also include outbound links to authoritative sources of information to back up any points you make.

It’s also essential that you can make every word count. Fluffy posts full of sentences that don’t really say anything will be sent back.

Look, I’m not a hard-ass. People who know me say I’m lovely! But the thing is, there’s a lot of boring and poorly-written content on the web. I’m not looking to add to this so if you’re just looking to slap some words together and make a bit of cash, keep walking.

How to apply

Flick me an email at hello@wordsbybirds with the subject line: “Hello, is it me you’re looking for?” (This just shows me who has actually bothered to read this ad and can follow simple of instructions.)

You must include in your email application:

  • A couple of sentences detailing your writing experience and why you think you’re ideal for this gig.
  • A link to an original article that you’ve written that you feel is most relevant to this role. (One article only—no links to author pages with multiple articles.)
  • A sentence summarising your experience with self-hosted WordPress and/or social media or content marketing.
  • Your website URL.
  • Your per word rate. I pay per word, so let me know what you’re expecting.

We will only be replying to applicants who have followed the instructions in this ad to a T.

Good luck, and can’t wait to hear from you!