Copywriting Guide for Developers

Learn how to write about your product with confidence so you can stop playing small and start growing.

This guide explores:

  • What copywriting is (and why you don’t need a copywriter); 
  • The fundamentals of copywriting, including how to create product and user profiles; 
  • The basics of grammar, or: what you need to know to get by;
  • Tips for writing about your product; and
  • A real-world example of a landing page put together for the Gridd WordPress theme.

Creating Content That People Love to Read (and Google Loves to Rank)

Join 4,000+ students and learn how to create the kind of authentic, quality content for your website that people love to read and Google loves to rank in this 45-minute Skillshare class.

You’ll follow along as Words By Birds founder Rae Morey walks you through how to craft compelling content for your site, covering everything from the key elements of the perfect blog post and how to come up with traffic-stopping ideas, to how you can repurpose your best content.

With tips on how to craft a great blog post throughout, this class is designed for anyone looking to improve the quality of their content. By the end of this class, you’ll have a beautifully written blog post ready for publication.

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