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Note: Woah, this year has been crazy-busy! I've got a lovely group retainer clients and, for now, I'm not taking on any new clients. If you'd like to get in touch and say "hi," please do! But please know that I won't be able to squeeze in any extra client work for the remainder of 2019.

Let's work together and get your words working for you. Get in touch for a free 30 minute Skype call. You’ll get to know me, I’ll get to know you, we'll talk about your project, and work out if we’re a good fit. No pressure—I just really like meeting new people! And if you're in Melbourne, even better—let's do coffee.

You can reach me at [email protected] I do my best to respond within 48 hours. Generally, I work Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm AEST Australia time. Weekends are for hiking and smashed avo.

I'm hiring!

Are you a web nerd or developer and a skilled writer? I'm on the look out for new birds to join my team. Fill in my job application form and don't forget to include examples of your published work. Tip: I'm a little obsessive about reaching inbox zero everyday. Emailing me directly is the quickest way to not getting the job.


Frequently asked questions

How much do you charge?

All projects are charged at a set hourly rate in US dollars. Get in touch for a copy of my rate card.

Why should I pay so much just for someone to write something?

Clients come for the writing, but stay for the thinking. Considering your content in partnership with me will open up new perspectives on your value proposition, brand and marketing. When you invest in good copy, you’re not just paying someone to carry out a task – you’re buying an asset that will generate a return. Good copywriting pays for itself many times over.

When can you start?

I can generally start your project within 2 weeks, sometimes sooner depending on current bookings.

What is the turnaround for your services?

It all depends on the specifics of the job, how much information you provide, and how long you take to review the work. A single page of copy, say 500 words, can be turned around in 1-2 days if you’re able to supply all the information I need, and you review fairly promptly.

How do you usually work?

1. Once you've accepted my prosposal, I get started on your project.
2. I often use email, Skype, and online research as ways to generate raw material. Or I can work from your notes.
3. I prepare a first draft, often incorporating comments and queries, and send it to you.
4. Based on your feedback, I revise the draft until you’re happy.
5. Finally, I submit my invoice. Usual terms are 7 days from date of invoice.

Can I suggest changes to your copy?

Yes, by all means. I’m not precious about my work. However, if you suggest a change that, in my professional opinion, is unwise, I’ll advise against it, then leave the final decision to you.

What is your writing experience?

I’ve been writing professionally since starting my career as a public relations consultant in 2004. Since then, I’ve worked as news reporter, political journalist, newspaper editor, communications specialist, and managing editor for WPMU DEV, delivering daily content to 1.5 million visitors a month. I can write anything from blog articles and press releases to email onboarding campaigns, case studies, lead magnets, and SEO website copy. You can read more about my experience on the About page, or head to my LinkedIn profile for more details of my professional experience.

Can you write for my specific industry?

Over the years, I’ve written about all kind of subjects, from technology and politics to business consulting, web development, education, justice, health, science, and more. But even if your industry is new to me, I’ll quickly get to grips with its unique complexities. That’s what separates a great copywriter from a good copywriter: asking the right questions to ensure I understand not only your industry, but also your business and your clients.

Is it just you?

Yes, Words By Birds is a one-person enterprise. I’m responsible for every piece of work I produce for my clients. However, I do have a network of talented and reliable freelancers I call on when I need to create a lot of content (usually blog posts) at short notice, and I meticulously edit their work to meet my high standards.

Uh… there are spelling mistakes on your websites

Yes, it’s British English. I'm based in Melbourne, Australia, so my own copy is true blue Aussie, mate. However, I do tailor my work to suit your target audience and can easily switch between British and American English as required.

Can you insert my link into one of your articles?

No. From the beginning, my goal has been to help my clients publish better quality content on the web. They trust that my work is original and well-researched. As such, I believe it's inappropriate to insert third party links into my content.

Is copywriting anything to do with copyright?

No. Copyright is about legal ownership of something, and is completely unrelated to copywriting.


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