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Love WordPress? Want to write about it? Apply now!

Are you a WordPress geek, web developer, or social media junkie AND a skilled writer? I’m looking for word nerds just like you to join my team.

Hey, I’m Rae and I fun Words By Birds is a digital writing agency that helps startups, SaaS, B2B, and WordPress businesses turn tech speak into compelling words that engage, inform, and convert. Basically, I create content that people love to read and Google loves to rank.

The thing is, it’s getting busy. Like, really busy. More and more clients need amazing words, stat, and I can’t keep up. Talented writers who can quickly understand new technologies and have a knack for writing about them are hard to come by. That’s where you come in.

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Want to Write the Web’s Best Blog Post on Any Topic? Here’s How

Everyone wants to write content that ranks and appears on the first page of Google results. I mean, you’d be crazy not to, right? After all, rivers of organic traffic flowing your way means increased conversions and greater revenue when you’re running your business online.

But actually ranking at the top of Google search? It’s an elusive quest; a journey paved with hours of SEO optimization, keyword research, and website performance optimization. And even after all that hard work, it doesn’t mean you’ll come out on top. The struggle is real.

Fortunately for you, I’ve discovered the formula for creating content that ranks every time.

In this step-by-step guide, I’m going to show you how I put together quality content that ranks.

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