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Is Your Checkout Working? Automated Testing Solutions for WooCommerce
Is your WooCommerce checkout working? If you’re not sure or you neglect to test it, you’ve got a problem. For
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29 Powerful Questions to Ask Your Team in the New Year
Crafting a strategy for the year ahead is an important part of the job for any business leader. Come January,
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Get Inspired: The 22 Best Entrepreneurial Podcasts for Agency Owners
I used to hate commuting but now I’ll take any excuse to travel. Why? Because I’m addicted to podcasts. Whether
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Why the Research Against Sliders is Wrong (and They Don’t Suck)
I’m tired of all the negative talk around sliders so I’m just going to leave this here… Yes, I know
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Shared vs VPS vs Dedicated vs Cloud Hosting
When you’re getting ready to launch a new website project, choosing the right web host can be a tough decision.
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40 Must-Read Blogs for Leadership & Entrepreneurs
Countless entrepreneurs have written about their personal experiences – their wildly successful ventures and stunning failures. Some are so transparent
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How to Minify Your WordPress Site’s CSS, HTML & JavaScript
Minification is a simple concept that is often recommended as a step towards speeding up your website. But the reality...
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How to Lazy Load Images on Your WordPress Site
No one likes a slow website. But with images making up 54% of all web content and also taking the
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The Best Content Delivery Networks for WordPress in 2017
If you’ve minified and combined files, optimized images, deleted plugins, enabled compression and caching, fixed render-blocking resources, reduced HTTP requests
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How to Reduce HTTP Requests to Speed Up Your WordPress Site
Every time you visit a website, there’s a whole lot of technical stuff going on behind the scenes. While words
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How to Write the Perfect Blog Post for Your Business
Writing blog posts for your business is a time consuming process that takes a lot of work and dedication. I
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A Caching Plugin is Critical to Your WordPress Site
Caching is a complex technology that does one simple thing really well: it makes your website really fast. And speed
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How to Develop a Content Strategy for Your Blog
So you’ve decided your business needs a blog to help with your marketing efforts. Nice! But before you write your
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How to Make Your WordPress Database Clean as a Whistle
Your WordPress database is like a filing cabinet for your website that stores all of your content, including posts, pages,
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