Talented writers who can quickly understand new technologies and have a knack for writing about them are hard to come by. Lucky for you, I’m one of them.

Words By Birds started in 2017 with a simple mission: to provide specialist technology copywriting and lift the quality of writing on the web. I wanted to help businesses rise above the noise with quality content that people found useful and were delighted to read, but also played well with Google.

So, I’m working towards achieving that mission, one word at a time, helping small businesses, agencies, and corporates to produce amazing content. And I’m just getting started.

I write clever, creative copy your site visitors and readers will love. Sure, you want to know that I know my stuff, that I’ve worked with some great clients and that they like working with me (and continue to work with me).

You might even be interested to know that I won a bunch of awards during my years as a journalist for Australia’s biggest media companies, Fairfax Media and News Corp Australia. Or that after studying computer science at university and beginning my career as a journalist, I switched to tech and led the content marketing team at WPMU DEV, the largest provider of premium WordPress products in the world, delivering web development resources to over 1.5 million visitors month.

But I think it’s more important to know that I’m a friendly and easy to deal with copywriter. When it comes to clients, I listen, I understand, and I help. You’ll find working with me stress-free and even enjoyable. Plus, you’ll get some great content, too.





Content marketing gets a bad rap because there’s a lot of terrible copywriting on the web. Quality is core to everything I do.



I want to make real connections with people. This means making sure each and every word counts. Nothing more, nothing less.



The world would be a nicer place is people were kinder to each other. I treat all clients with respect and try to see the web through their eyes.



If you haven’t noticed, I’m a hard worker. I’m independent and driven. And it’s this ethos I want to pass on to students in my Skillshare course.


"Rae is an absolute pleasure to work with, a true professional and creative writing genius! We have been working with Rae for many months now. I have found her to be original, reliable, agile, intelligent, and hard-working. Without a doubt, she is one of the most experienced writers whom I have ever worked with. I'd gladly recommend her to anyone, who is looking for a great all-round copywriter."

- Daniel David, Co-founder, Nextend

"I’d hire Rae to edit something in a second. Having her on a project means that the language will not only be well-researched, beautifully written and thoughtfully edited, but also thoroughly considered and technically sound. Rae can take some of the most complex issues and present them in a friendly, easy to understand light."

- Lizzie Kardon, Head of Content and Engagement, Pagely

"Rae has been an amazing partner for me since conceiving Typenest. We worked closely together to breathe life into my website, pre-launch. She really listened to my needs and delivered exactly the marketing copy and blog content I wanted. She’s forward-thinking and has an incredible eye for detail."

- Vivian Chan, Founder, Typenest

"Words By Birds worked with us on our content strategy and were able to advise us on some quick wins that have helped us re-align our efforts and improve traction on our blog. We’re now seeing our blog in a whole new light."

- Richard Long, Co-Founder, HeroThemes

Get the word, bird.

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